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Just a short message to thank you Minvent Solutions for the excellent service that you have provided to Boral Cement.

 Both myself and the management team at Boral Cement  - Berrima are most impressed with this project from concept to commissioning.

 Personally, I would like to express my gratitude to all involved.

 I first had a requirement to protect contract employees working at either end of our five metre in diameter by eighty five metres long rotary kiln whilst a separate team of contractors had to grit blast the inside of the kiln shell.

We planned on having three grit blasting guns going at the same time in order to meet the tight shutdown schedule. This was going to cause a lot of safety issues, mainly the airborne dust and the noise from the grit blasting process.

I tried using tarpaulins in the past but you can never get a positive dust seal and they certainly don’t block out any noise.

 I searched the internet for a solution and came across your company, Minvent. I made an enquiry and received a very fast response. Minvent provided me with a number of alternative solutions including the purchase of an inflatable bung, use of alternative materials and even leasing the units over a period of time. The purchase price was very competitive and I immediately sought capital approval for two units. We agreed on a design, dimensions and material to be used. Once the quotation was accepted and capital approved the order was placed. I was amazed with the little amount of time it actually took to manufacture….and get delivered to the site from Western Australia!! I organised for commissioning to take place on a certain date that fitted in with our annual kiln shutdown schedule. The Technical Adviser from Minvent arrived on site right on schedule. He was inducted and proceeded to check if everything required was packed in the boxes that were delivered. Of course everything was delivered and arrived intact in the purpose built packing boxes provided to protect the inflatable bungs. Minvent’s TA worked tirelessly to commission the units and to his credit all went perfectly well. I was delighted to see them inflate and they certainly rose to the occasion very fast. It took around 12 minutes to fully inflate and be ready for duty. The two units worked so well in the configuration for which they were purchased. I was impressed with the airlock both units had built into them. Two simple zippered doors was all that was required to ensure no dust escaped when entry or exit was required by those working in between the two inflatable units. No safety issues were raised in relation to the dust or the noise aspect by those working at either end of the kiln. Little to say I was extremely happy with the set-up, performance and packing up of the units purchased. Managers on site were also impressed by the simplicity of the engineering and speed at which the units were installed. These units will be used time and time again in our kiln during annual shutdowns here on site. I must say that it has been an absolute pleasure to work with Minvent and in particular their Technical Advisor during the course of this project. I will be looking at further applications that I could use Minvent’s technology to safely and quickly install further units on site that will in turn protect all employees working in close proximity to dangerous locations and other dangerous influences such as the grit blasting in this current case……

 Content of email from

 Raif Hilmi
Planned Maintenance Supt / Refractory Installation Supt

Boral Cement

29 Jan. 2016

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    Minvent Solutions has relocated their offices to the following address: 175A Star Street, Carlise, Western Australia 6101. NEW phone number: 08 61102089

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    Boral Cement Feedback

    Just a short message to thank you Minvent Solutions for the excellent service that you have provided to Boral Cement. Both myself and the management team at Boral Cement - Berrima are most impressed with this project from concept to commissioning. Personally, I would like to express my gratitude to all involved. Planned Maintenance Supt / Refractory Installation Supt Boral Cement - Berrima

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  • 15.10.2013

    Redbank Power Station benefits from OPS

    Entry was granted and inspection completed of 4 cyclone vessels within 2 hours, when Redbank Power Station installed an OPS. Compared with 2 days to scaffold, the OPS saved valuable time with zero exposure to personnel as entry is not required to install systems.

  • 02.09.2013

    QAL Gladstone use OPS to cost effectively create a safe working environment

    QAL Gladstone utilized the Minvent Solutions OPS to create a safe working environment in their RP02 Calcination cyclone. Installed and commissioned in under an hour proved extremely cost effective to gain rapid access into the vessel. The Minvent Solutions OPS has proven the ability to reduce access/re-entry times to the work area in a safe and controlled manner with zero exposure to personnel.

  • 01.08.2012

    FRAS Flexible Ducting improving safety in coal mines

    Minvents' FRAS flexible ducting is replacing existing heavy ducting (elephant trunks). At 6.5kg per metre the reduction in weight makes Minvents FRAS flexible ducting easier to handle and reduces the risk of strain/sprain injuries.

  • 30.07.2012

    Failed Raise-Bore Successfully Rehabilitated!!!

    At Broken Hill Rasp Mine a 5 metre raise-bore hole suffered a face failure during back reaming. A Minvent Solutions inflatable plug was lifted up into the raise-bore hole via the pilot hole, inflated and a concrete plug in excess of 250 m/3 was poured in stages onto the plug. (initial pour of 40 ton). This re-established a sound flat working face to resume back reaming.

  • 28.11.2011

    Northparks Copper Mine OPS

    The installation of an OPS in one of Northparks surge bins ensured the safe and quick replacement of the wear plates and a happy customer.

  • 19.11.2011

    Minvent Solutions' FRAS PVC certified by the NSW government for use in coal mines

    Minvent Solutions' range of FRAS PVC has been tested and certified for use in coal mines by the NSW government's Mine Safety Technology Centre. For more information contact: sales@

  • 25.10.2011

    Grasstree Coal Mine Qld OPS

    Successful installation of a twin OPS system which created a safe work enviroment for workers to change the wear plates in a surge bin.

  • 08.02.2011

    Blast Hole Liners

    A number of new clients are enjoying the benefits of using our high grade, air/water tight blast hole liners.

  • 08.12.2010

    Nyrstar Hobart OPS

    Minvent Solutions is proud to announce the successful deployment of the worlds largest single bladder overhead protection system (OPS) at the Nyrstar plant in Hobart Tasmania. The OPS is 16.2 meters in diameter and weighs 1.2 tonne

  • 01.10.2010


    Minvent has added Plenum/Aeroduct to their product list. This Plenum / Aroduct is made to customer requirements out of heavy duty PVC. All conponents are fully welded including the spigots to mitigate air loss. This product is used in heap leach operations.

  • 09.08.2010

    Clarksville Tennessee OPS

    Minvent Solutions has been awarded the service contract to provide, install and monitor an Overhead Protection System for the furnace at Nystar's Clarksville Tennessee site in September 2010.

  • 03.08.2010

    New Premises!

    Minvent Solutions have moved to new premises in Bassendean Western Australia. Update your data bases with new contact numbers and physical address. 115 Broadway Bassendean WA 6054 Phone +61 8 93771129 Fax +61 8 93771164

  • 26.05.2010

    Expanding horizon!

    This month Minvent Solutions have increased their international customer base with Ventstops for metal/nonmetal applications going to Nevada USA, Huelva Spain and Overhead Protection Systems(ore bin) to Chile

  • 17.05.2010

    Another successful Shaftplug installation!

  • 12.03.2010

    New Website Online!

    Our New Website has Launched!

  • 12.05.2005

    Client Feedback - Ventstop

    "The Balloons are performing well, we actually used a balloon 60m behind a breakthrough round in our main decline to stabilise the air flow and make it as if the breakthrough round didn't occur. The balloon performed flawlessly and held with concussion from the blast and 50 cubes of potential airflow. We didn't even tie the balloon in place." Zinifex - Rosebury Mine TAS